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Successful Partnership Results in Go-Live of  CHARM™ for GRICS

The partnership of the Gippsland Regional Integrated Cancer Services (GRICS), Gippsland Health Alliance (GHA) and Charm Health successfully implemented CHARMTM across five facilities in Gippsland between March and May 2014. The implementation was achieved in the defined timelines.

This was a complex implementation that required extensive planning and dedicated staff to achieve a Single 'Staged’ Implementation of CHARMTM across all sites, and although the implementation spanned an 18 month timeframe, all site’s went live within a two month timeframe.

In addition to implementing CHARMTM, the project included five interfaces, with three of them being the first of their kind for a CHARMTM Implementation. This includes two interfaces which bring appointment information into CHARMTM from Practice Management System (GENIE) and from Radiation Oncology System ARIA. The third bringing clinical documentation from GENIE to CHARMTM.

These interfaces, in addition to the pathology and patient demographics interfaces, and CHARMTM as regional system go a long way to meeting three of the key drivers of this project; which were, to improve efficiency of service provision across the region, to improve communication between staff and to improve patient bookings across the region.