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24 April 2013

Product Update CHARM™

charmhealth currently delivers one major CHARM™ release each year, typically scheduled in the second half of the year, with minor software updates throughout the year as required.

The next major CHARM™ release (version  4.2.x.) is scheduled for September 2013.

Any help desk incidents after the 01 April 2013 will not be included in this release, unless charmhealth have agreed to deliver a minor software release sooner.

The new release contains a number of significant strategic enhancements to ensure CHARM™ continues to deliver customer driven enhancements and meet legislative compliance requirements for the management of cancer care.

New release items include:

  • Development of a Radiation Oncology Module including Radiation Pathways, Combined Chemotherapy/Radiation Pathways, Electronic Radiation Prescriptions and Concurrent Chemotherapy/Radiation Appointments
  • Automation of eviQ Pathways
  • Enhancement of Assigning Authorities functionality
  • Enhanced Printing  functionality with ability to batch print  treatment plan summarys, pathways and drug charts to assist with business continuity
  • Enhanced Scheduler functionality to accommodate multiple re-scheduling of clinic appointments
  • Standalone utility for creation of document templates to use in CHARM™
  • Enhancements to Treatment Pathways - Review of Create and Copy day functionality
  • Update Staging Systems TMN and CTC
  • Enhancement to Roles and Privileges around view types for unrestricted facility and practitioner
  • Legislative changes in line with legislative requirements e.g. PBS and Medicare updates
  • Interface requirements to support implementing sites e.g. Radiotherapy, eMR
  • Site Specific Enhancements to support implementations e.g. e-Signature for authorisation, enhanced UI for Electronic Medical Record functionality, Data Migrations, NSW Cancer Registry Extracts
  • Prioritised Maintenance Fixes

If you would like any further information on any of these roadmap items please contact our support team at support@charmhealth.com.au