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Healthscope Implements CHARM™ as a Rapid Deployment Solution

Newcastle Private Hospital, a Healthscope facility, went live with CHARM on 26 May 2014 using Charm Health’s Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) approach. In addition to going live with CHARM’s core functionality, Newcastle Private has chosen to do their outpatient nursing documentation within CHARM’s EMR, including the incorporation of a number of eviQ nursing assessment tools.

“This was our first implementation using our new Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) approach and it delivered even better than expected results”, commented Gary Lakin, Charm Health CEO. “The RDS approach gets our clients up and using CHARM’s core functionality sooner, while enabling future expansion in functionality and the ability to add new sites using the same CHARM database”, Lakin said.

As Newcastle Private moves into business as usual, they are working to expand their pathway library further and to progress with a patient demographics interface. “We are pleased with the ultimate outcome of this challenging project, and look forward to exploring future opportunities with Charm Health”, said Paul Williams, Chief Information Officer of Healthscope Limited.