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Healthscope Expands Relationship with Charm Health

One of Australia’s leading private healthcare operators, Healthscope, has expanded its relationship with Charm Health by entering into a new master agreement allowing for the implementation of the CHARM™ Oncology Information Management System in Healthscope sites offering Oncology Services.

The original agreement between Charm Health and Healthscope provided for a Pilot implementation of CHARM delivered under a rapid deployment methodology at Newcastle Private Hospital. The implementation at Newcastle Private Hospital was the first deployment of CHARM using the rapid deployment methodology and delivered encouraging results - with CHARM being implemented within 6 months of contract signing.

“The true value of this approach is that CHARM can be operational in a reduced timeframe so that the business and clinical benefits delivered by the software can be realised sooner,” said Gary Lakin Charm Health CEO.

The implementation of a centralised “corporate” database with centralised administration and management, along with utilising a standard configuration and implementation methodology, means the role out of additional sites within the Healthscope organisation can be achieved at a reduced cost and timescale.

The pilot implementation confirmed CHARM’s ability to support the delivery of more efficient, cost effective and safer health care services in the complex medical care environment of cancer care. CHARM helps improve communications, automate repetitive tasks, whilst accommodating the complex rules and clinical requirements of specialist cancer care treatment protocols.  Working in environments that involve access and engagement with multiple health care services including hospital, primary and ambulatory care settings, CHARM can reduce the risk of errors and improve outcomes for patients, while helping service providers improve productivity and resource management.

“Given the positive outcomes we have seen at Newcastle Private Hospital, it made good business sense to make the CHARM solution available to any of our sites that need an advanced Oncology eHealth solution”, commented Healthscope’s Chief Information Officer, Paul Williams.

With a new agreement in place, plans are underway for the next wave of implementations. In addition, the contract incorporates Peninsula Oncology Centre (POC), a private hospital purchased by Healthscope in June 2014.  Whilst POC was already a long-term customer of Charm Health, including POC under the Healthscope agreement allows them to leverage the synergies and economies of scale of a corporate implementation of CHARM across the Healthscope organisation.

“Charm Health highly values its relationship with Healthscope and this new agreement represents a significant deepening of that relationship.  We look forward to continuing to deliver valuable clinical outcomes, robust software solutions and value-added services to Healthscope for many years to come,” added Mr. Lakin. 


For more information, contact:

Gary Lakin
Charm Health Chief Executive Officer
Mobile: +61 (0) 400 808 504
Email: gary.lakin@charmhealth.com.au

About Charm Health

Charm Health is Australia’s leading supplier of specialist oncology eHealth systems with 45 successful deployments to Australian public and private cancer care providers since 2000.  In the past decade over 65,000 patients have had their treatment managed using Charm Health solutions.

Charm Health’s flagship product CHARM™ delivers comprehensive multi-site functionality that manages the clinical and administrative coordination of all aspects of a patient’s cancer care. Charm Health solutions mitigate compliance, clinical, financial and administrative risk by ensuring the most up to date patient information is available to all healthcare providers, in real time, when making important clinical and prescribing decisions.

The CHARM enterprise platform supports multi-site/multi-facility deployments and multiple patient identifiers, enabling sharing of a single patient record securely with multiple care providers, as required for state-wide or regional integrated cancer service deployments.

Charm Health is a portfolio company of the OneVentures Innovation Fund.

Read more about Charm Health at www.charmhealth.com.au

About Healthscope 

Since its inception in 1985 Healthscope has grown to become Australia's largest provider of integrated healthcare.

Healthscope plays a vital role in the health and wellbeing of Australians working cohesively within the medical community to offer innovative services.

Healthscope provides private hospital, medical centre and pathology services in every state and territory of Australia.

Healthscope also operates an expanding network of pathology services in New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.