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01 November 2012

Healthcare industry companies champion

Brisbane’s digital future

Three Brisbane-headquartered healthcare industry companies are among 25 organisations identified as ‘digital champions’ for Brisbane, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said.

Cr Quirk said charmhealth, Stat Health Systems and myFootDr were identified as exemplars in digital capabilities following an audit of Brisbane’s digital landscape.

“The aim of the Brisbane Digital Audit was to identify our digital capabilities and opportunities to grow and mature, and to identify exemplar companies contributing to the growth of our digital economy,” Cr Quirk said.

“The Brisbane Digital Audit was commissioned by economic development board Brisbane Marketing to identify opportunities for Brisbane businesses to tap into the estimated $US20 trillion global digital economy.

“The 25 Digital Champions identified in the audit will act as digital advocates within their business sectors, and through this process, ultimately encourage more SMEs to adopt digital technology within their own businesses.”

Cr Quirk said charmhealth, Stat Health Systems and myFootDr were chosen as Digital Champions for innovative services developed for patients, customers and practitioners.

charmhealth CEO Mark Wild said the company had developed specialised digital ‘care pathways’ for cancer patients that travelled with them on their medical journeys - from the GP’s office, to the hospital nurse, to the community care centre, to the family member caring for the patient at home.
“By focussing our solution design on the patient, we are able to provide relevant patient information to the community of healthcare professionals that are supporting them in their journey,” Mr Wild said.

Stat Health Systems CEO Carla Doolan said the company provided an integrated medical software program for medical practices with the aim of digitalising and automating their systems, leading to paperless offices.

“Digital stops things going through in cracks - everything is tracked, audited and finalised,” Ms Doolan said.

MyFootDr Director Greg Dower said the company sought to continually improve on the traditional podiatry business model through a concerted digital strategy - in diagnosis, advice and ordering orthotic products.

“At the heart of the company’s success is the commitment to meet customer needs and improve their experience via a holistic customer-centric service model,” Mr Downer said.

Brisbane Marketing CEO John Aitken said the Brisbane Digital Audit of 500 businesses ranged across 19 industries from single operators to companies of more than 5000 employees, representing the broad spectrum of Brisbane’s businesses.

“The digital audit will provide valuable insights for the development of Brisbane’s Digital Strategy and in highlighting areas in which we can help Brisbane businesses to grow,” Mr Aitken said.
“The digital strategy will encourage local businesses to harness digital technology to improve efficiencies, grow their businesses, encourage export and global reach and ultimately increase profitability.

“To be effective we will need to harness the collective power of Brisbane’s businesses and community to help build the Brisbane’s capacity and connectivity into the global digital community.”   
The Brisbane Digital Audit was conducted by Ernst & Young and University of Queensland Business School under the direction of Brisbane Chief Digital Officer Kieran O’Hea in partnership with Regional Development Australia.

For more information on Brisbane’s Digital Champions, go to www.digitalbrisbane.com.au

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