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DoseMe integrates with CHARM for personalised dosing of oncology drugs

Dose individualisation software pioneer DoseMe has partnered with fellow Brisbane firm Charm Health to integrate its personalised medicines dosing tool with CHARM's specialist oncology information management system.

Clinicians using CHARM will be provided with immediate access to the DoseMe library of individualised dosing models, which is expected to significantly enhance clinical decision-making when it comes to dose adjustment of chemotherapy and other medicines used in cancer care.

DoseMe enables clinicians to quickly and accurately determine the right dose for each individual patient. Working with CHARM to present the information in a readily consumable format, clinicians will be able to use the DoseMe platform as part of their current workflows.

The new personalised dosing feature will be available in CHARM v4.7 and will allow clinicians to calculate an individualised dose or to simulate the potential outcome of any dosing regime in silico before administering it to the patient.

Initially, the library of DoseMe drug models available in CHARM will be limited so clinicians become familiar with the software but the idea is to increase the library of drug models based on feedback and demand.

DoseMe supports several classes of drugs that are used in the management of cancer patients, including the chemotherapeutic agents methotrexate, busulfan and carboplatin, immunosuppressants and newer immunotherapy drugs such as imatinib.

The CHARM solution is designed to manage the clinical and administrative coordination of all aspects of a patient's cancer care, providing up to date patient information in real time to support clinical and prescribing decision-making.

It includes standardised care pathway templates and decision support tools to adapt the templates to the clinical context of individual patients.

The two vendors say the integration will extend the range of decision support tools available to guide clinicians in tailoring treatment of individual patients.

DoseMe allows clinicians to dose a patient based on their individual ability to absorb, metabolise, distribute and eliminate a drug by creating a virtual model of each patient’s individual pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.

The partners say the ability to individualise a patient’s dose based on their pharmacokinetic profile offers a major leap forward in helping clinicians achieve improved response and outcomes for cancer patients.

Charm Health CEO Gary Lakin said the DoseMe technology has the potential to revolutionise the way chemotherapy and other oncology medicines are dosed.

“Clinicians using CHARM already benefit from the evidence based pathways library and existing decision support available within CHARM but ‘personalised dosing’ is a quantum leap in terms of the level of confidence that clinicians will have in managing the medication care of an individual patient,” he said.

DoseMe CEO Charles Cornish said he had admired Charm Health's approach to business and growth in recent years.

“As the powerhouse in the oncology space, not only could our partnership improve patient outcomes, but possibly adjust future treatment guidelines,” Mr Cornish said.

“Charm Health’s deep experience combined with DoseMe data analytics will allow us to work with clinics to proactively determine tighter dosing guidelines and maybe even uncover better treatment regimens previously not considered.”

Both Brisbane firms are among the few medical software vendors operating in Australia that have registered their products as medical devices with the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Charm Health will be demonstrating DoseMe and some of its other new developments at the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA) annual scientific meeting on the Gold Coast next week.