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Charm Health and iCIMS Announce Strategic Alliance


Charm Health and Innovative Clinical Information Systems
Announce Strategic Alliance

Charm Health, Australia’s leading provider of specialist oncology eHealth systems, and Innovative Clinical Information Management Systems (iCIMS), developer of a new generation of technology that produces tailored information systems for clinical teams, have announced a strategic alliance to leverage the core strengths of both companies to provide advanced functionality to support the delivery of quality comprehensive oncology services.

Charm Health and iCIMS will collaborate on the creation of transparent interoperability between their systems; CHARM and Patient-Centred Tumour Stream Suite (PTSS).  The two organisations will work together to enhance data collection for multi-disciplinary team meetings with a focus on improving the workflows and data collection for individual tumour streams in preparing, conducting and recording outcomes specific to each  stream.

Charm Health will also take advantage of iCIMS’s strong capabilities in the design and commissioning of research systems, registries and translational data warehouses. Transparent interoperability between CHARM and PTSS will provide the capability to pass critical data onto research systems and registers connected by iCIMS’ patented native interoperability methodology.

Gary Lakin, CEO of Charm Health, commented, “We are excited by the potential of this alliance to deliver significant benefit to our clients - enhancing the data collection, research and reporting capabilities of our existing solution while providing very customisable solutions to meet the needs of various tumour streams.”

“We are delighted to form this alliance with Charm Health.” said Professor Jon Patrick, CEO of iCIMS. “We look forward to working together to further develop advanced capabilities that enables  oncology teams to deliver real value to the patient journey, and add improvements to the delivery of CHARM’s chemotherapy information to the translational researchers working with their medical oncology and surgical colleagues”, commented Patrick.

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For more information, contact:

Gary Lakin - Charm Health, Chief Executive Officer                                                                        

Mobile: +61 (0) 400 808 504

Email: gary.lakin@charmhealth.com.au

Jon Patrick - Innovative Clinical Information Management Systems, Chief Executive Officer

Phone: +61 2 8091 2690

Email: jonpat@icims.com.au

About Charm Health

Charm Health develops, delivers and supports state-of-the-art software solutions to manage the many functions of Oncology Facilities in private and public hospital settings.

To date over 40 such facilities, supporting more than 45,000 patients annually, are licensed to use Charm software, including the Peter Macallum Cancer Centre, Queensland Health, ACT Health and Cabrini Health.

Charm Health solutions mitigate compliance, clinical, financial and administrative risk by ensuring the most up to date patient information is available to all healthcare providers, in real time, when making important clinical and prescribing decisions.

Charm Health is a portfolio company of the OneVentures Innovation Fund.

Read more about Charm Health at www.charmhealth.com.au

About Innovative Clinical Information Management Systems Pty Ltd (iCIMS)

Innovative Clinical Information Management Systems (iCIMS) specialises in the design and deployment of clinical, research and registry information systems.

iCIMS pioneered the new generation of clinical information systems. Its technology solves the problem of producing tailored information systems for clinical teams. iCIMS does not provide its own construct for a given clinical specialty, but rather provides a design environment and methodology for creating a perfectly tailored solution for each and every clinical situation.

This new technology most recently has been used to design clinical information systems for breast cancer and gynaecological oncology, which has also spawned the development of cervical cancer and ovarian cancer research systems.

The iCIMS team consists of highly motivated software engineers, clinical analysts and health informaticians.

Read more about iCIMS at www.icims.com.au