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charmrds Functional Overview

Chronic Disease Management using Clinical Pathways
Combined Chemotherapy / Radiotherapy

Electronic Medical Record
Pathology /Radiology Orders and Results
Medical / Surgical History
Medication Management/Allergies
Vascular Access Management
Documentation of multidisciplinary Encounter Notes

Day Unit / Outpatient – Scheduling
Pathway driven appointments
Autobook Functionality
Support for Ad Hoc Appointments
Comprehensive Rescheduling Capabilities
MBS Service Codes incorporated in booking
Interactive UI for viewing Daily Diaries

PBS Script Management
Queue & Script Allocation
Owing Lists

Decision Support
Drug: Drug/Disease/Allergy–MIMS Integrated
Comprehensive Dose Checking

Pharmacy Management
Orders Management
External Orders
Orphans Management
Invoice Matching
Finance Extract

Multidisciplinary Clinic Support
Clinical Practice Guidelines
Treatment Protocols - Supports eviQ
Pathway Summaries
Treatment Algorithms/Decision Trees
Complex Dose Calculations

Electronic Radiation Prescriptions
Treatment Summary
Concurrent Chemo/Rad appointments

Document Management
Letter/Discharge Summary Writer
Imports scanned documents/images

Clinical Trials Management
Ability to Flag eligible patients
Protocols defined for Clinical Trials
Captures Serious Adverse Events

Extracts and Interfaces to Finance

Interfaces with PAS, Scheduling, Pathology,
Radiology and Radiotherapy

Data Collection
Cancer Staging
Cancer Registry Interfaces

Dynamic Content Collection/Reporting
Customisable Questionnaires
Custom Report Generation Tool