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Nursing Practice Management
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Clinicians are provided with a rich yet simple set of tools to assist in all aspects of patient care.  

Scheduling treatment using a clinical pathway template creates entries for every patient appointment required (consultant review, treatment, allied health service review, procedure or intervention), codes each service using MBS codes and lists the resources required for each visit.

Medication doses for the entire treatment are calculated based on pre-defined dosing rules specific for each pathway. Radiation therapy prescriptions can be defined within the pathway templates. Recommended tests and interventions which should be ordered for each treatment day are also listed.

Initially, all treatment that is scheduled is flagged as 'proposed'. Once the treatment pathway has been checked and approved it can be activated by the treating clinician, then for each treatment day orders are validated and approved before treatment may be given.

Throughout the treatment, appointments may be easily rescheduled to accommodate patient and clinic needs, prescriptions are easily adjusted and all changes are logged so that a complete audit trail is maintained.

Benefits to Clinicians by:

  • Reducing misinterpretation and misreading of written protocols

  • Reducing dose calculation errors

  • Reducing transcription errors when copying previously ordered treatment

  • Reducing incidence of incorrect drug administration occurring following the use of confusing abbreviations

  • Reducing incidence of incorrect dose administration resulting from a lack of standardised dosing terminology

  • Reducing missed treatments arising from poor scheduling practice

Sound decision support tools increase confidence in carrying out technically difficult treatments that lead to potentially better outcomes and thus benefits both healthcare provider and patient

Interfaces to pathology, radiology and radiation treatment machines ensures that current and accurate clinical information is available at the time important treatment decisions must be made

In addition to Medical Oncology, Haematology clinical practise is supported in CHARM™with specialised functionality to record a comprehensive range of clinical data including:

  • Prognostic Scores

  • Prognostic Markers

  • Treatment response

Comprehensive care pathways can be developed to streamline the management of patients receiving transfusions, apheresis and venesections.

Providing an integrated business solution that improves patient care as well as practice efficiency and communication, CHARM™ Radiation Oncology has been developed by those directly involved in Australian clinical practice. In addition to the core modules of CHARM™ specialised functionality is available to manage the specifics required to deliver Radiotherapy Specific Pathways and manage Electronic Radiation Prescriptions.

Additional functionality to accommodate the complex needs of paediatric protocols and clinical trials has been included in the Pathway Template rules engine. Complex dosing rules can be defined to manage variable dosing using multiple criteria and ranges for the child’s age, weight and BSA.

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Nursing Practice Management

Nursing staff will be able to use the various modules and tools to:

  • Record patient appointment times, arrival and departure times

  • Review daily and future appointment lists

  • Review patient results and treatment plans

  • Add nursing notes to the electronic medical record

  • Source drug information using MIMS Decision Support

  • Review information about the Protocols and Treatment Pathways

  • Manage staff workload

  • Patient recall and rescheduling of treatment

Benefits to nursing staff include:

  • Increasing the time available for direct patient contact and quality activities that can contribute to reduced errors

  • Decreasing staff stress and as a flow on, staff turnover

  • Providing immediate access to accurate daily and future appointment lists

  • Enabling the review of patient results and treatment plan details

  • Providing ready access to source drug information using MIMS decision support

  • Providing up to date information about the Protocols and Treatment Pathways

  • Enabling the efficient management of staff workloads

  • Generating patient recall reports and simple rescheduling of treatment

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Pharmacy Management

Pharmacists benefit enormously as a result of the improved communication provided by charmhealth solutions. They are instantaneously notified when a drug order is changed or cancelled and they can review important patient results in advance so that they can plan their workload and staffing levels accordingly. In comparison to normal pharmacy management systems, which generate inventory orders based on historical usage, the rich data captured enables the generation of reports based on actual future requirements, which improves purchasing capabilities, reduces inventory costs and enables them to maximise the economies of purchasing high use items in bulk.

The CHARM™ Pharmacy module is used by pharmacy departments that either:

  • Manufacture chemotherapy onsite, or

  • Order chemotherapy from external providers

Once drugs have been ordered by a clinician, the pharmacist reviews the order. They can then either verify the order, indicating that they have checked and confirmed the drug doses and volumes that have been automatically calculated by the system, or they can contact the clinician to suggest the appropriate changes. All changes are recorded and logged in the system.

For pharmacies manufacturing the chemotherapy onsite CHARM™ performs a number of calculations, based on rules defined in the Cycle Template setup, for example:

  • how many syringes must be drawn up to make up the total dose required,

  • what volume of IV solution must be withdrawn from a large volume parenteral,

  • how much additional fluid should be added to make a cassette device up to the required volume.

Batches and expiry dates are automatically calculated, prior to generating labels and worksheets. Chemotherapy items may be made on an individual patient basis, or via a batch run.

provides many benefits to Pharmacists including:

  • Reducing wastage of expensive drugs

  • Reducing costs in drug preparation and purchase

  • Reducing dose calculation errors

  • Improving the ability to manage the ever increasing workload

  • Improving access to relevant patient and clinical information to assist in informed decision making

  • Simplifying the training and orientation of new and relief staff rotating to this speciality

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Executive Management

Hospital administrators and managers will have a multitude of uses for the detailed and complex information stored in the patient electronic medical record modules, including: 

  • Managing human resources - pharmacy and nursing staff

  • Reporting future drug expenditure based on patients scheduled for treatment

  • Measuring the quality of care

  • Service planning

Benefits to practice administrators and managers:

  • Reduction in patient waiting times through timely allocation of resources

  • Ensures there are adequate resources available to service patients scheduled for treatment by allocating patients to resources i.e. nursing staff, chairs etc

  • Compiles patient specific calendars listing treatment dates and times thus eliminating missed appointments and unhappy customers

  • Enables staff to better manage their time and resources which in turn leads to increased productivity

  • Reporting future drug expenditure based on patients scheduled for treatment

  • Enabling the measurement of the quality of care and enabling service planning

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Multidisciplinary Clinic Support

In many cases the first record entry in the patient’s electronic medical record will be following their case review by a multidisciplinary team.

charmhealth has completed the development of “dynamic questionnaires”, which are customisable forms that are created by sites to capture the valuable information required to present and share information at these multidisciplinary meetings.

Questionnaires can be configured to trigger during specific patient events, ensuring data is collected quickly and accurately.

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Clinical Researchers

Our solutions assimilate all aspects of patient information making it possible for clinical research staff to use a range of tools to collect information required for research purposes and clinical trials.

charmhealth has developed these tools to assist sites and individual users in managing data collection and reporting. A dynamic questionnaire generator enables sites to create their own custom forms and gather information at many levels, for example, during treatment allocation or patient review.

Keeping the cost of customising reports to a minimum for each site has been a priority for charmhealth. We understand that your information needs will vary, and that you require the ability to be able to generate a range of reports to support a range of business processes. Our Reporting Tools are based around an ever increasing number of database views.

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