CHARM™ is an Oncology Information Management Solution that has been developed to support the multi-disciplinary team involved in the care of patients with cancer.

This stand-alone system is capable of integrating with the multiple applications used in both the public and private health systems, and has been developed to comply with Health Level 7 (HL7) standards for electronic data exchange.

Data collection and legislative requirements are supported through reference to the following standards and documents:, ICD-10-AM, AJCC Cancer Staging Manual, NCI Common Toxicity Criteria, NSW Clinical Cancer Data Dictionary, and the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and Medicare Schedule.

Our most current version of CHARM™ is Information Management Solution Enterprise Model. This edition has expanded functionality to enable the deployment of CHARM™ across a regional health service.  This model recognises that when a patient receives treatment for cancer or a cancer related illness, care is often provided at more than one facility.

Features and Functions include:

  • Chronic Disease Management using Comprehensive Clinical Pathways

  • Electronic Medical Records

  • Pharmacy Management

  • Electronic Prescribing – Medical Oncology / Radiation Oncology

  • PBS Script Writing

  • Pathology/Radiology – Order Entry/Results

  • Cancer Staging/Registry – Data Collection

  • Clinical Trails Management

  • Day Unit/Outpatient – Scheduling

  • Document Management

  • Dynamic Content Collection/Reporting

  • Multidisciplinary Clinic Support

  • Billing

  • Clinical Practice Guidelines

  • Decision Support

  • Integration

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