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Care Pathways
Patient Administration (PAS)
Medical Record (EMR)
Medicines Management (EMM)

Care Pathways

Care Pathways are the foundation for managing complex patient care over a period of time. The literature abounds with proof that standardised care supports safety and quality in healthcare. Key words such as standards, templates, standard operating procedures, patient pathways, critical paths, evidence-based care and many other terms are all related to the concept of standardisation and safety; which are key drivers in the contemporary health industry.

CHARMTM and CHARM NextGen are ‘pathway’ driven applications. This is what distinguishes them from other software products. The care pathways are the core building blocks of the functionality and this drives standardisation and safety. Care pathways are used in acute care for any number of medical conditions but the care pathways in CHARMTM and CHARM NextGen are directed towards chronic care; specifically oncology care.

A care pathway is a template or plan encompassing everything that will happen for a particular patient over a defined course of treatment. In CHARM NextGen a pathway comprises: schedules, documents, details and linkage information. The pathway schedules include cycle templates & other information which in turn define all the orders, activities and service events (appointments) that will happen during that course of treatment.

Care pathways live in CHARM NextGen as a source of truth but when a care pathway is assigned to a patient it is tailored to the context of that individual patient via a series of steps called the Care Pathway Process Flow.

In CHARM NextGem the care pathways will interact seamlessly with other functional modules including the PAS, EMR, EMM, Scheduler and Ordering modules. In order to design and build the navigation features of CHARM NextGen, a ‘hub’ has been designed for each module.

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Patient Administration

The patient administration module (subsequently referred to as the PAS) comprises the following functional components:

  • Patient registration
  • Document management
  • Referrals
  • Letters and Summaries

The PAS functionality is intended to handle all the non-clinical, or clerical, activities that need to occur as part of patient identification and care.

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Medical Record (EMR)

The medical records module (subsequently referred to as the EMR) comprises the following functional components:

  • Care Pathways
  • Clinical Noting
  • Orders & Results (ordering)
  • Adverse Events
  • Treatment Toxicity
  • Device Management
  • Cancer Staging

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The Scheduler module encompasses:

  • Service Events (appointments)
  • Appointment Templates
  • The ‘calendar’ or ‘schedule’ of service events

This module address functionality around the above components, regardless of whether the service events are initiated as a result of (a) assigning a patient to a pathway or (b) creating a standalone, or ad hoc, appointment.

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Medicines Management

The medicines management module (subsequently referred to as the EMM) comprises the following functional components:

  • Medication Lists
  • Search & Prescribe
  • Medication Administration
  • Medication Management
  • Scriptwriter
  • Pharmacy Activities

An important principle in developing CHARM NextGen has been inclusion of elements of ‘closed loop medicines management’. The benefits of closed loop medicines management are widely accepted and refer to the four core components of medicines management being delivered in a single, integrated system.

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The hub (‘landing page’) will be comprised of components that allow the user to efficiently navigate to, and complete, functions in that module. Usually, but not always, these components will be ‘dashboards’ that present key information drawn from various parts of CHARM NextGen in a format that is meaningful to the user and allows the user to manage and prioritise their work.

In addition to the hubs built for each module, hubs can be built for each role type and even for each individual user. Each hub can be customised to include the components/dashboards that are most useful and meaningful to each role/user in their day to day work.

In summary then, CHARM NextGen development provides eight hubs as follows:

  1. My Workplace

This is the user’s customised homepage and ultimately will be the hub that each user lands on when they log into the system

  1. Patient Search

This hub is the gateway to ‘patient lists’ which is key functionality used throughout the system to filter the patients presented to the user to work on ie: the ‘my patients’ concept

  1. Patient Administration

This hub is the gateway to clerical functionality in the system such as patient demographics, document management, and referrals

  1. Scheduler

This hub is the gateway to the CHARM NextGen calendar and patient service events, their associated resources and service codes, and ultimately, billing

  1. Medical Record

This is the gateway to record and access clinical information, including care pathways and non-medication orders and results

  1. Medicines Management

This hub is the gateway to both multidisciplinary ‘medicines management’ and ‘pharmacy’ functionality

  1. Settings

This hub is the access point for system configuration.

  1. Resource Centre

This hub is where the user can source online help, other resources and links

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