CHARM™ is an Oncology Information Management Solution for cancer care clinical coordination and management.  It offers a complete cancer treatment management solution in one package, and can be deployed in medical oncology and radiation oncology information management modules as required. It is HL7 compliant and integrates with multiple applications used in both private and public hospitals. More Detail

CHARMTM Benefits

The CHARMTM Oncology Solution is a patient centric solution utilised by multidisciplinary teams involved in the delivery of care to the oncology patient. There are numerous benefits – both tangible and intangible (or quantitative and qualitative) - realised by the various stakeholders. These benefits provide a true value proposition ensuring CHARMTM delivers a substantial return on investment to each stakeholder.

More Detail

                  CHARM NEXTGEN

CHARM Next Generation (NextGen) provides the functions and features of CHARMTM on a modern and flexible technology platform.  So whilst the functions and features are leveraged from the invested Intellectual property of CHARMTM, the web Interface will be richer and the product is adaptable to a broader range of technologies and emerging and future technology trends.