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About charmhealth

With over 40 successful deployments since 2004, charmhealth is a proudly Australian owned and headquartered company that has grown to be Australia’s leading supplier of specialist oncology electronic medical record/clinical information systems. Our solutions are used by leading public and private health providers of cancer care. Our solutions deliver comprehensive multi-site and remote use functionality that manages every aspect of patient care for cancer.

Each year over 45,000 patients have their treatment managed using charmhealth solutions.

charmhealth is Australia’s leading developer of pathway driven information technology solutions that improve patient care and safety. Based on industry standards relevant to the Australian market, our solutions employ best practice principles to ensure clinicians and patients have access to systems that safely support excellent clinical decision making with the aim of achieving optimal clinical outcomes.

Our solutions extend beyond the simple installation of a software program. By understanding the clinical and business environment in which our clients operate, we are able to match our people and skills to ensure our solutions deliver the best possible outcome; typically this exceeds the original expectations of our customers.

We take a fresh, pragmatic and creative approach to developing and delivering solutions that make
a real difference in the delivery of patient care. Our capability ensures our solutions meet requirements, expectations and are delivered on time and on budget.

We offer solutions and services in:

  • Clinical and business knowledge and capability

  • Software design and architecture

  • Software development

  • Software maintenance

  • Software implementation

  • Clinical Managed Services

    • change management and work process redesign

    • creation and maintenance of Clinical Pathways

  • Technical Managed Services

We believe that interoperability is the key to a sustainable, electronically driven healthcare system. Enabling appropriate interfacing and exchange of information with other clinical and administrative systems allows us to provide specialist clinical solutions in a very complex health information domain.

Striving for excellence, we are committed to an ongoing investment into research and development. Drawing on our experience in the industry over the past 10 years, we have extended our core area of speciality beyond medical oncology and haematology to also address identified needs in the areas of electronic medication management, radiation oncology and other chronic disease management.

Enhancing patient safety while bringing about efficiencies for patients, clinicians and the service provider, remains central to all that we do.  

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